Project 59: concentrating light

A precision technique to confine light to an exact area – for dramatic and high-contrast effects. Concerned with the area of light that falls on the subject – its size, shape and sharpness of edges.

No cover

I set up a tungsten desk lamp to shine directly at the teddy bear. All of the toy is fully lit with detail clear throughout. The shadow on the wall is also fairly sharp and the colour is bright.

Right side of the light blocked

By blocking the right half of the lamp with black cardthe right side of the image is much darker than the left, which also isn’t as clear as the first image. The colour is much more dull and the texture isn’t as clear.


Light blocked from the left

By moving the card to the left side of the lamp the light has has been blocked casting a shadow on the left part of the teddy bear, with his left ear almost completely hidden.Also by holding the card closer to the light the shadow area is darker than that in the image above it.


Two thirds of the lamp covered.

Covering 2 thirds of the light with card has had a dramatic effect on the lighting, concentrating on lighting the teddy bear’s head and providing just enough light to reveal most of the outline of its right side.

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