Project 67: rain

Task: Imagine a magazine cover on one subject: rain. Produce a single, strong, attractive photograph that leaves no one in doubt about the subject.

Since it was night time I used a 30 second exposure to blur the background of moving traffic and an aperture of f/11 to bring out the detail in the rain drops on the glass. The long exposure also showed the splattering drops on the window. The lights provide an attractive backdrop for the rain, which is the clear subject for the image.

Reflection – I was pleased with the final image because it was exactly how I wanted it to look. This is the final project for TAOP and I have used my understanding of exposure to create this effect, something I was unable to do when I first started. I’ve realised that it is not just about having the technical skills, but also that you need to understand how exposures can be affected by altering the aperture and shutter speed.

Before starting TAOP I probably wouldn’t have seen this photo opportunity. I feel I have learnt to look for images, knowing the types of affect I’m able to use.

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