Project 64: evidence of action

Task: Produce one photograph in which it can be seen that something has happened.


Running on Empty

I chose this photograph from my archive showing empty water bottles in the foreground and runners’ feet in the background. This illustrates a clear link that the runners have drunk the water and thrown the bottles onto the road. This is reinforced by the amount of dispersed empty bottles. I used a low camera angle so that the empty bottles were in the foreground and the runners feet in the background. This viewpoint also eliminates any other subjects that could have been included in the photo, such as street furniture or supporters.

Write down 5 examples of concepts that are regularly depicted in advertising and publicity.

We are increasingly exposed to images that advertise and push particular products and services. Whilst studying this course I have begun to realise how powerful images can be. Concepts that regularly occur in advertising that cannot be shown directly include:

  1. Beauty – Dove’s use of nude people expressed how everyone is beautiful in their own skin.
  2. Comfort – sofas and soft furnishings
  3. Reliability – such as for cars and break down services
  4. Need – such as for charity appeals
  5. Warmth and security – such as double glazing

After first struggling to think of 5 concepts I’ve now thought of another!

6. Taste – such as drinks and food

This project has made me more aware of the underlying messages in advertising and that whilst TV adverts may have 30 seconds to get a variety of messages across, a photograph in a magazine or on a billboard has to make an impact straight away and maintain the viewer’s interest in order to promote it’s subject. When I’m out and about I’ll take time to look for good examples of advertising with a single image.

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