3. Elements of design

Aim: To help you to understand and use the basic principles of graphic design in photography.


Project 16: defining a point

Project 17: positioning a point

Project 18: relationship between points

Project 19: multiple points


Project 20: horizontal and vertical lines

Project 21: diagonals

Project 22: curves

Using lines in composition

Project 23: implied lines


Project 24: shapes

Project 25: rectangles

Project 26: real and implied triangles

Project 27: real and implied circles

Rhythm and pattern

Project 28: rhythms and patterns

Project 29: applying the elements of design

Section Reflection

When I signed up for TAOP this section was what I was really interested in. How an image can look visually appealing through the use of lines and other elements.Examining how an image can be constructed has enabled me to analyse other photographs and understand what it is that makes them look good.

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