5. Natural light

Aim: The variety of outdoor light, how to make the best use of it, and how to chose appropriate lighting conditions for particular subjects. Thinking about  light as an almost tangible commodity – to deliberately bring atmosphere and texture to photography.

Natural light comes from a single source, the sun. The time of day and year will affect how this light can be captured, offering an infinite amount of  effects on photographs. I hope this part of the course will enable me to make the best use of this resource.

The intensity of light

Project 38: measuring the intensity of light

Project 39: using higher sensitivity

Project 40: using a meter

The colour of light

Project 41: your eye’s sensitivity to colour

Project 42: judging colour temperature

Dawn to dusk

Project 43: Through the day

Project 44: low sun

Project 45: picture count

Project 46: choosing the moment

Project 47: twilight


Project 48: cloudy and dull weather

Project 49: graduated filters

Project 50: rain

Assignment 3: applying what you have learned so far

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